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2014 Legislative Advocacy

League Advocacy

2014 Legislative Advocacy

League of Women Voters of Oklahoma Advocacy Agenda

The board of directors of the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma has adopted the following legislative advocacy agenda for 2014:

  • Support tax revenue sufficient to fund core government services
    without undue burden on low- and moderate-income

  • Support for a healthcare system that provides for mental health,
    for women's health (including the right to privacy and
    choice), and that would provide access to medical care for all
    moderate and low-income Oklahomans

  • Support long-term environmental sustainability: clean air, clean
    water, and public transit

  • Support legislation to protect voter rights and oppose legislation
    that would suppress the right to vote

  • Oppose legislation that would inhibit an independent judiciary

  • Support legislation that would promote gun safety

LWVOK Legislative Watch List

The League maintains a list of bills and resolutions related to its Legislative Advocacy Agenda.

Click here to access LWVOK's 2014 Legislative Watch List.

The LWVOK Legislative Watch List will be updated regularly, using LENS (Legislative Electronic Notification System) provided by the Oklahoma Legislature.

We will also follow alerts from partner organizations, set up alerts for news stories on legislation and follow up on leads from our own members.

National Popular Vote SB906

Coming up this Legislative Session: National Popular Vote

Why do you suppose that the Presidential candidates made zero appearances in Oklahoma between January 2009 and November 2012? Is it because they believe that with our current Electoral College system our votes in Oklahoma do not count? Oklahomans are not alone. Essentially 4 out of 5 Americans were ignored in the last Presidential election.

Senator Rob Johnson has filed the National Popular vote bill in the OK Senate (SB906). Rep. Don Armes is the House sponsor. The LWVUS in 2008, after several years of study, agreed to support the Nation Popular Vote bill as one acceptable way to achieve the goal of the direct popular vote for election of the president. The League believes the direct popular vote of the President is essential to representative government. Under National Popular Vote every vote would be equal, unlike under our current winner-take-all system. In the current system a vote in Ohio is far more likely to alter the result of the election than a vote in Oklahoma and is therefore valued far more highly by Presidential candidates.

Under the National Popular Vote bill, all of the state's electoral votes would be awarded to the presidential candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The bill would take effect only when enacted, in identical form, by states possessing a majority of the electoral votes-that is, enough electoral votes to elect a President (270 of 538). Thus the candidate who receives the most popular votes in the entire United States would be President. For more information visit or

Ask your Senator to support SB906 the National Popular Vote bill. The measure was passed out of the Senate Rules Committee last year, but was not voted on the floor of the Senate. This session the members of the Rules Committee again need to vote NPV out of the Rules Committee.

Committee members are Senators A.J. Griffin, chair, Rob Johnson, vice chair, Don Barrington, Cliff Branan, Rick Brinkley, Kim David, Eddie Fields, John Ford, Jim Halligan, Constance Johnson, Clark Jolley, Ron Justice, Bryce Marlatt, Al McAffrey, Jabar Shumate, Frank Simpson, John Sparks, Rob Standridge, Gary Stanislawski, Charles Wyrick. If your senator is listed let him/her know that you support NRV to assure that whoever wins the popular vote becomes President.